Finding the Right Tutor

The following are the most important things to look for when trying to find a tutor for your child. 

Qualifications: A person with a degree will have specialist knowledge in the area that they claim to teach.

Patience: Teaching requires an abundance of patience and dedication to students. A good tutor will gladly encourage his or her students and praise them for their efforts.

Personality: A good tutor should always inspire his or her students, have a positive attitude and always be approachable.

Flexibility: A tutor should alter their methods or style of teaching according to the student’s own pace and learning requirements.

Proximity: It would be ideal if the tutor lives or works near you as this would ensure he or she will show up promptly for sessions.

Feedback: A good tutor should always be prepared to give regular feedback to the parents on the progress of students.

Creativity: It’s essential that the tutor motivates students and encourages their creative talent in order for them to achieve their best in exams.

Affordability: Tutors will charge anywhere between £15 to more than £80 per hour. The more specialist the tutor, the higher the price. It’s best to visit the tutor and ask what he or she is offering and to find out their style/methods of teaching. Cheaper prices don’t necessarily mean good quality teaching.


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