Hippocrates - One of the Academy’s inspirations

Hippocrates is commonly known as the The Father of Modern Medicine and he lived in 460-730 BC on the Greek island of Cos. He pioneered the medical practice and ethical ethos that modern medical practitioners and doctors adhere to. Even now, medical doctors take the Hippocratic oath upon qualifying. 

However, Hippocrates together with other classical Greeks, also pioneered the Scientific method as he believed that all causes of disease and phenomena have natural rather than supernatural causes and he advised that we should be careful with our observations before making any rash conclusions. In other words, Hippocrates echoed Thales’ (Greek scientist/mathematician, 624/623 –548/545 BC) belief that it isn’t what one knows, but how one knows!

A quote from Hippocrates: "Holy things are for holy men…life is short and the Science long, observations can be fleeting…" Meaning we should be patient in order to arrive at the truth of any theories we make. 

Our teaching strategy at the Academy is evidence-based and so uses the ethos of the classical Greeks and hence the Scientific Method. Consequently, we endeavour to prove and provide evidence for both mathematical theorems and scientific theories, and we stress the importance of conducting experiments to support all scientific theorems and general knowledge.

Our motto: ‘Education is our motivation and learning is your inspiration’.


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